All across Central-East Ontario, The Salvation Army has incorporated this formula as a guideline to determine whether someone qualifies for assistance or not.  Please remember that this is only our guideline, we understand that there are many different circumstances and emergency situations that need to be looked at on an individual basis.  Most importantly we are always willing to help in any way that we can.  So if in doubt do not hesitate to call our office and we will be happy to assist you.


This is the formula used, whether you are a single person of family:

Step 1: (total income) - (housing expenses) = (net income)
Step 2: (net income) / (household members) = $350.00 or less

Here is just an example of a common family senareo:

Two parents and two children.  Both parents work part-time and both children are under the age of 18. Their total wages including both parents is $1716.00 and they recieve $484.00 from Child Tax Benefits.  Their rent is $800.00 a month.  Please note that we no longer need additional monthly expenses.  For example, car payments, phone bill, insurance ect.  We only need the expenses directly relating to the home.  For example, rental amount, mortgage, property taxes. 

(Please remember that your Total Income must be a combination of all source of income including governement assistance.)

Step 1: $2200.00(total income) - $800.00 (rent) = $1400.00  (net income)
Step 2: $1400.00 (net income) / 4 (# of family members) = $350.00