Khi Core Values

We Believe

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KHi (/kaɪ/) is a place of relationships. It’s a community of people growing together towards a relationship with God and meaningful relationships with each other. It’s church—but it’s more than an hour on a Sunday morning. It’s a way of living together and supporting one another in everyday life that reflects a love that can only come from God.

At KHi we understand that the journey towards God is a process. We’re honest enough to admit that the journey isn’t always easy—that we sometimes experience God imperfectly through the lens of our own personal bumps and bruises. But we also know that Jesus came to give us abundant life—something much more than just going through life on autopilot. And so we live to discover the fullness of all that God has to offer, and to help each other realize the hope of Christ even in discouraging times.

We believe that life with Christ carries on into an eternity with Him; so full of wonder, beauty and love that our earth bound minds can’t possibly wrap around it.

KHi is what happens between here and there.

X (Khi)

X –(phonetically KHi) The symbol X – is an ancient symbol for Christ. We use it to signify that Jesus Christ is the centre of everything we do at KHi. With his sacrifice everything changed and we were all given the opportunity for forgiveness, peace with God and an abundant and forever life. Getting the word out about Jesus is our purpose for existing—everything else that happens at KHi is just a variation on that theme.



eXtend –At the heart of KHi is genuine community—relationships with others that serve to encourage and empower us towards faithful living.

None of us are perfect but as we experience Christ’s love for us we begin to extend that same forgiving, patient love to others and learn what it means to serve another person in love.


eXtravagance –At KHi living with extravagance means that we share the things that God has given us with the same selfless love that Jesus had when he sacrificed his life for us.

This attitude of giving urges us to share our time, abilities and financial resources to help lead others towards God through the ministries of KHi.

And in turn KHi as a corporate body seeks to offer it’s time, abilities and financial resources to expand the overall work of the Kingdom of God through the development and tithing of leaders, and the support of ministries unable to achieve financial independence.


eXperience –We desire to cultivate a sense of God’s greatness and share together in a variety of worship experiences that express our thankfulness, faith, and love for God on a corporate level.


eXemplify – As people set apart for relationship with God we desire to be continually developing lives that reflect the character and values of Christ.


eXpansion – We at KHi are committed to seeing God’s work on earth expand to embrace others both on a personal level through sharing our passion for Christ with others, and on a corporate level with the planting of new ministries, and sharing of leadership resources


eXpectation – The promise of the Holy Spirit is that He would empower the Church to continue the ministry of Jesus Christ and to do even “greater things”.

At KHi we recognize that God desires to work powerfully to transform lives through the Church and so we desire to embrace and encourage biblically based spiritual gifts that reflect the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit and an expectation that God is able to do unimaginable things.


eXamine – At KHi we value the Bible as the ultimate source of truth because it gives us insight into God’s character, passions, and his desire for our lives.

We believe that it is different from any other book because its words are inspired by God Himself and so as we discover and embrace His Word our connection to Him continues to develop.