Food Bank Do I Qualify

Eligibility for monthly food assistance is determined during the application process. 


What documents should I bring to my appointment?

Please bring one of the following showing your current address
  • Driver's license OR
  • A recent bill addressed to your current address (eg. hydro, internet, phone)

Family Member Information

What information will I need to provide about the members of my household?

  • ID that shows name and birthdate for each family member

Income Documents

What financial information will I need to provide?

Approximate monthly income for every adult in household
  • Employment income (full time, part time or casual)
  • Social assistance income
  • Employment insurance income
  • Child tax benefit
  • Other regular monthly income (eg. student loan)

Expense Documents

Approximate monthly fixed expenses

  • Utilities
  • Insurance (car, home, rental)
  • Cell phone(s)
  • Internet
  • Childcare (not including occasional babysitting)
  • Post secondary tuition